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  • The all new banner manager

    The all new banner manager

    You can now easily create banners, configure them as you like, link them to anywhere you want, like to products, categories, any page of your store or any other website and display them on various areas of your store, for example the front page. Learn more on the mini template system usage page

  • Wondering what's inside?

    Wondering what's inside?

    Mini template system is 100% osCommerce compatible, in real it IS 100% osCommerce and nothing else. We took special care during development not to change anything of the core code. Your store will remain in it's original condition and 100% compatible with any of the 1000's addons. This has also a very nice side effect: The installation process is extremely easy and won't take you more than some minutes. Cut the melon now, try it out !

  • it's time for something fresh !

    it's time for something fresh !

    Mini template system for osCommerce v2.3.1 is a small and lightweight templating system that comes to make your life with osCommerce easier. Mini template system let you easily switch between templates and configure the look and feel of your store in the administration panel. And more than this: You can configure “critical” areas of your store (like the front page, menus and links) with just a few clicks. Squeeze the orange, try it out now !